What Would You Do?

By | October 10, 2006

View DownstairsI posted a few day ago about being turned on listening to our neighbours fucking.  If you didn’t catch it it’s here.  That wasn’t the only time I got the opportunity to be a naughty voyeur, I just remembered about another time.  Do you want to hear about it?  Ok then…

This post starts off with a warning…never meet up with an old school friend after a number of years without contact and expect them to be the same person they were at school.  You can be sorely disappointed.  Right, that’s over with.

When I was in my early twenties I received a phone call from a friend who passed on the telephone number of a girl I hadn’t seen since high school.  She was my best friend at that time and after we left school we just seemed to drift apart and loose touch.

I was delighted, recounting the fun and games we got up to as teenagers and called her straight away.  She had married a guy we both knew from school (I didn’t tell her but I thought he was weird) and I couldn’t understand for the life of me why.  But hey, there is no accounting for taste.  Lol.  Ooh, I can be such a bitch sometimes.

She had not just gotten married but also moved to another part of the country.  At the time my boyfriend had a car and you’ve guessed it in one, I just had to go and visit.  This was to be an overnight stay because of the drive.  So we packed up and overnight bag and set off in to the deepest darkest depths of north Yorkshire.

She was living in a very quaint two bedroomed house in a little village.  I remembered him well, he was just the same as at school.  An annoying geek but perfectly harmless.  Karen looked just the same too, tall busty and perhaps a little slimmer than she used to be.

It was mid afternoon when we arrived so Karen showed us both up to our room and we unpacked the holdall we brought with us.  Had a quick kiss and a grope then tested the bed, it was firm and didn’t squeak!  The room was small but adequate, with its double bed and dressing table and small wardrobe.  I didn’t recon much to the chintz style but it was a country house after all.

When we had unpacked and paid a visit to the bathroom we headed downstairs.  Karen was cooking dinner and we sat and chatted with Gary, who seemed more interesting than last time I spoke to him all those years ago.  He opened a bottle of wine and we idled away the time until the full roast dinner appeared with Karen out of the kitchen.

Gary and Peter got on like a house on fire and Karen and I did some catching up on old times.  After dinner someone suggested that we went out to the pub.  We all agreed that was a great idea.  Gary suggested that he and Peter went out in his car, whilst Karen and I went out in ours (I had not long passed my driving test but felt comfortable driving).  We agreed to meet up at a pub later that evening.

Karen instructed me on how to get to the first pub.  It was a small pub with very modest fittings, old fashioned oak tables and chairs and lots of horse brasses.  A typical country hostelry.  We ordered the round and then took a seat over by the open fire.  As I recall it was early March and still a little cold.

We hadn’t been sat down for long when a tall dark haired guy and a medium height stocky guy walked in.  They stood out from the rest of the punters because they were far younger, more our age.  As they took their place at the bar to order the smaller one turned round and shouted over to Karen.  “Hi, I didn’t know you would be here”.  “I brought Suze in for a drink, she’s come over to visit, we haven’t seen each other for years”, she explained.

They both came over and pulled up seats to the table.  I must admit the other guy, the taller one, was quite cute.  Ahem…Karen began to tell him about me and I could tell that they knew each other well.  This will become apparent later in the story.

I got chatting to the other guy, who’s name was Andy as Karen and Glyn chatted and giggled to the side of us.  He was from Manchester, he moved up north for his girlfriend.  She had found a job in the local hospital and relocated, taking him with her.  He was currently looking for work but wanted to start a band.  Yes, I know there were a lot of dreamers around then.  😀

He seemed like a genuinely nice guy and to be honest I could tell he was interested in me.  I flirted like a pro, giving the odd flash of stocking top.  I didn’t say I was an angel when I was younger.  🙂  We all love to flirt, don’t we girls?  Come on, put your hands up I know it’s not just me.

A couple of drinks later, Karen turned to me suggested that we all go back to Andy’s as his gf was on late shift and the house was empty.  Just how she knew this I had no idea.  Maybe Andy had told Glyn.  Either way, we all headed for the car and I took up position in the driver’s seat with Karen and Glyn sitting in the rear.  They seemed to be quite friendly I thought.

I started driving under direction from Andy, he said he only lived a few mile away.  As I started off down the country lanes my eye was drawn to the rear view mirror.  I couldn’t believe what I witnessed.  I looked away momentarily and then back again…

Karen and Glyn were snogging in the back seat and he had his hand inside her shirt cupping her breast.  I turned to Andy and nodded, he turned round to check them out and then back to me with a smile on his lips.  “They have been seeing each other for months now, don’t tell Gary”, he confessed.

My mouth must have been wide enough to catch flies, who would have thought Karen who seemed so happy, could be playing around with another guy.  By the time we got to Andy’s I had recovered from the shock.  Brazen as anything Karen and Glyn climbed out of the car hand in hand and kissing.

Andy opened up the house and put the lights on.   We were alone, lucky for Karen and Glyn.  Andy grabbed some drinks from the kitchen and asked if I wanted to come upstairs and listen to him play his Moog.  I followed him up the stairs, leaving Karen and Glyn to their own devices downstairs, I didn’t think they even noticed us leave as they embraced each other.

Andy placed his can down and motioned for me to sit on the bed.  I sat down and he started to play his organ.  That sounds rude doesn’t it?  He was very good, talented in that he could play by ear.  Never had a lesson in his life but could play almost any of the chart hits at the time.  He was in to his 6th chart hit when I heard sounds from downstairs.

At first they were faint and indistinguishable.  Then I heard her “fuck me!”, she shouted.  I stood up and turned towards the bedroom door…

Now what would you have done in this situation?  Would you have resisted the urge to watch them fucking?  Or would you have taken your place on the stairs and enjoyed the spectacle unfurling before your eyes?

I’ll tell you tomorrow what I did.