I’m A Wanker – Part 2, A Readers Tale

By | August 20, 2007

The wonderful thing about blogging is the ability to share your thoughts and experiences with a like-minded group of people.  Interaction is always encouraged here at AlexSuze although participation is not always forthcoming.  And best of all it is a good forum to open up questions to my fellow bloggers and any reader wishing to contribute.

On the 4th August I posted up I’m A Wanker and posed several questions to my readers regarding circumcision as I have never encountered it up close and personal and like all women I’m inherently nosey.  Lol

Although reader response was good it still left me with several unanswered questions.  Until “John” came to my aid.  He emailed just the other day, answering in great depth and very descriptively (the bit I like best)  😉 my questions and for that I would like to say a big Thanks.

So without further ado and with John’s permission I am publishing his emailed response to me.  For ease of reading my questions are in pink and John’s responses in blue.  Enjoy!

“But it did make me wonder just how sensitive the end of a cut cock is, I mean if it rubs against your clothing all the time, I guess it would make it less sensitive to stimulation.  Otherwise cut guys would be constantly coming in their underwear, wouldn’t they?

“Ha ha!  Actually no … I don’t know the difference between cut and uncut, but I do find that my head responds very well to stimulation, and that the sensations I feel when I’m erect are much more sensitive than those I feel when I’m just rubbing against my clothing all the time.

“And the frenulum, this is one of the most sensitive areas on a cock, so what happens to it when you have been circumcised?  Does it disappear althogether or does it become less sensitive?

“Depends … in some guys it’s removed … they’re the unlucky ones!  Mine is still there and does the job magnificently.  It pulls tight when I’m erect and really is the most pleasurable spot!

“And finally how do you wank a cut cock?  Is it best to just rub around the underside of the head or is there another tecnique?  See I don’t know everything but I’m a fast learner  so if there are any guys out there reading this who can educate me in the art of wanking a circumcised male I would be most grateful.

“Well, here’s where I can share my experience …

I actually don’t do it much different to how I think most uncut guys do … but I’ll let you decide since you probably have more experience with an uncut guy than I do … 🙂

I like to lie on my back, naked, my legs wide apart and my feet joined together at the soles (if you get the picture). I grip my shaft tight in a fist sort of motion, and i pull the skin up over the head as far as it will go … which is nowhere near as far as an uncut guy, but about 1/3rd to 1/2 over the head.  It gives me the sensation of the shaft skin stimulating the ridge of the head, and it’s also very hot to watch my head disappear briefly underneath the shaft skin.

With my other hand, I like to either stroke the inner upper thighs, my nipples, my testicles or my pubic hair … always lightly for all of them, except maybe the nipples which i like to tweak with fingers wet with saliva.

That’s my most common method, and I generally do it slowly to start, and build up the speed as I approach orgasm.

Another method is to make the fist but to use the other hand to pull my shaft skin back tight and use the fist to open lightly and run along the skin, and the head directly.  That’s exquisite when I use lube, or have sufficient precum, but sometimes it’s nice to do it dry for a change, but I can’t do that too often.  The dry feelings are really very raw, and quite different to lube or pulling with the fist.

Probably my favourite method, but which requires a lot of time and huge amounts of ‘foreplay’ to get ready is to build up a lot of precum and use it with one finger to run along the frenulum.  It is simply magical, but it takes forever to cum!  When I do, the orgasm is very intense because it took so long to get there.  I’m lucky I get a lot of precum, which makes it easier to achieve this one!

The final point – making love with my girlfriend – the sensations being cut are wonderful because there’s nothing between my head and her vagina, ever!  Nowhere for my head to retreat to, if you know what I mean!!

As I say, I’m not sure how different it is to being uncut, but I hope my explanations do help you (and Alex) understand.  Please feel free to ask me ANY questions!

Keep up the great blog!  And I hope this message has you guys as excited as it does me now … so which of those three methods will I use now…?

I know which method I used after reading that.  😉  Thanks once again to John for taking the time to answer my questions and turn me on at the same time.