Lemon Zest Sea

By | August 22, 2007

Polished chrome balls reflect the light of distant stars
as they float in a viscous yellow and orange fluid.

The meniscus clings to the smooth surface of the spheres
rotating and bobbing in the surreal ocean of colour.

I can see the ocean of citrus shades directly
but behind my head the black sky and the myriad pinpricks of light tantalise me,
reflected in the shining metal globes.

The lemon zest sea dissolves
to reveal the clear blue of an English summer sky after a thunderstorm,
streaked with diaphanous white cloudlike threads.

With each thrust of my hips the white takes over,
until, with every movement inside her I am wrapped.
Wrapped in unbreakable white threads of ecstatic sensual agony.
My body shivers with each white hot rapier of cascading neural energy.

I am illuminated head to toe in a light that only I can see and can only struggle to describe.

For those of you who don’t know me and my little idiosyncrasy, this is a description of the feeling I just felt at the point of orgasm when we were making love.

Tags: syneasthesia, synesthesia