Stick Em’ Up!

By | August 21, 2007

You all know that Alex and I like are no strangers to sex toys over here.  In fact we have a case full of them secreted under the bed.  I’m even considering placing a few of the smaller ones permanently in the car glove box for those lunch breaks.

It was in the car the other day I picked up on a hilarious news story on the radio, at first I couldn’t believe my ears and had to turn up the volume and wait for the hook line to be repeated.  I know I have a very dirty mind and I wanted to be sure that I hadn’t heard half a story and invented the rest in my naughty little mind.  😉

The story they were running concerned a guy robbing a bookmakers last year and his weapon of choice…

…his girlfriends vibrator.  Yes, I did say he was armed with a vibrator.  Now I can sometimes be a little slow like the rest of us but I never imagined that a Rampant Rabbit was a deadly weapon before.  No, scrub that, at times it can render me unconscious.  Lol

Check out the full story over here, and the image, I’m sure you can make out the rabbit ears hooked over his wrist.  I’ll make sure that my battery controlled toys are under lock and key from now on.  Perhaps I should have Alex make me a wall mounted cabinet for them.  🙂

Of course this means we have to expand the scope of our sex toy reviews to cover other possible uses.