Dirty, Filthy, Fucking Cheat

By | December 15, 2009

I watched with eager anticipation the semi final of Strictly Come Dancing, wanting Chris Hollins to make the final rather than Ali Bastian. She hasn’t quite hit the mark with most of her dances due to being nervous she had failed to deliver in most of her routines.

Despite this I think the judges had a soft spot for her and marked her up on many occasions, overlooking the mistakes in her dancing when others were marked down for theirs. Because of this she began to loose favour with me, it seemed like no matter what she and her partner Brian Fortuna did they would come out on top.

So when on Saturday the public voted for Chris to go through to the final Alex and I were jumping up and down with glee.

Aside from this, earlier in the evening we were watching Chris dance the Argentinian Tango when I noticed the lyrics to the music being played. I immediately pointed out to Alex that the song was most appropriate for a certain Mrs Woods.

Have a listen to the number by Jazmine Sullivan and see if you can avoid smiling.