The Look Of Love

By | August 23, 2007

This morning started off perfectly, sun shining, birds singing and to top all that, I had the chance to watch two young foxes playing in the garden whist eating breakfast.  All felt good with the world.  It amazing what a difference rising to the sun instead of rain and wind makes.

Today I drove in to work smiling and singing along to the music on the radio.  It felt as good as Friday, well almost.  Lol  The drive in to work was relatively uneventful too, I usually end up with some dickhead carving me up or some old fool driving like an idiot.  Not this morning, it was stress free for once.

I pulled up in to the car park and made my way through reception and in to my office.  The sales guy from our other office was there today, he’s kind of cute.  😉  He only visits now and again for sales meetings.

“Good morning”, he offered as I sat at my desk.

“Good morning everybody”, I replied.

“You look fresh and glowing this morning”, he said
“Thanks”, I replied feeling good about myself and a little smug.

“Did you get some this morning before coming to work?”, he enquired without an inkling of embarrassment.

I just sat there not quite knowing how to respond but full aware that my silence would be interpreted as a resounding YES!

My face was now feeling a little warm and glowing.

“You did didn’t you?”, he laughed.

I grinned.

How the hell did he know that Alex woke up this morning with such a hardon that we couldn’t let it go to waste.  😉  Just how did he know that I had had a good rogering before going in to work?

Has this ever happend to any of you, did your colleagues guess what you had been up to?  Can you really tell when someone has had sex or was it just a lucky guess?