Masturbation Is A Very Personal Thing

By | August 24, 2007

Masturbation is a very personal thing, LOL, well that should go without saying I suppose. However what I mean is that masturbation, or when and how you begin to masturbate is different for everyone.

In my case I began to masturbate after I started getting wet dreams, which was of course after I started getting spontaneous wood at inappropriate and often embarrassing times. Before that of course there was …

I think a timeline is in order here.

My first recollections of sexual stirrings are from the age of about 8 or 9. Prior to that interest in my genitals (and those of others) had been limited to the differences and the usual self-examination that kids go through. Curiosity not sexuality. But at about 8 or 9 I discovered my father’s stash of girly mags and first felt a tingling in my loins. The first awakening of my man bits. OK at that time they were hairless boy bits but you know what I mean.

It was akin to the feeling the need to pee from what I recall and became stronger as I, over the course of the months, opportunities permitting, acquainted myself with the ladies on those glossy pages. I don’t remember getting a full erection until some time after that and then probably mainly in the mornings.

Eventually this evolved into my first wet dream. I seem to remember my first one was more memorable for the furtive cleaning up operations the next day that the dream itself. The orgasm however was worthy of note because it was my first and like all wet dream orgasms different from those resulting from masturbation or sex. I think I’ve covered the differences elsewhere so I’ll not cover that ground here.

Strangely I don’t think masturbation came until a couple of years later. Odd that on three counts. Firstly because every boy in my class would talk, correction snigger, about it stimulating my innate curiosity. Secondly because I enjoyed the dreams, ergo you would have thought I’d have been wanking as soon as I knew I was able to ejaculate/orgasm. Thirdly that when I wanked regularly I avoided those embarrassing morning stains.

So for whatever reason I think I was a bit of a late starter in the wanking stakes. Not that I’ve ever compared initial wank ages with anyone as such. Eventually the curiosity/urge and opportunity coincided and with toilet tissue in one hand and an underwear catalogue in the other I “carpe phallus” I suppose you’d call it and had a go.

My first wank resulted in an orgasm that was not unlike my wet dream climaxes, though more intense, mainly because I was consciously aware of exactly what was going on. My subsequent efforts, and believe me they followed thick and fast, yes and sticky :P, taught me a few things. Pretty basic stuff, that I think men take for granted in later life:

The tipping point or point of no return when an orgasm is inevitable
Balancing on the tipping point to increase the intensity of orgasm
Just how sore a dick can get when over used by an enthusiastic beginner

Well that’s a brief history of my first steps into onanism. I hope you enjoyed it.

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