Is He Not Spending Enough Time With You In The Bedroom?

By | December 16, 2009

TV B GoneThere must be girls out there who have encountered the male who cannot be separated from the television. He just wants to finish watching the game or he just has to finish this last round on the Playstation.

I know I have. Years ago I used to go out with a guy who couldn’t miss a football match and we would sit round at his house and watch the game right up to the final minute. When all I wanted to do was to have a little bit of a kiss and cuddle.

Things have moved on since then and he can now waist hours of his time in the pub watching the match on the huge screens in the company of all his mates. So where do you fit in? Do you have to prepare the snacks for when they all come piling in to your abode post match?

Well, now with the aid of this gadget you could go round the pub with him and make sure he comes home much earlier than expected. 😉

Girl power! Just don’t let them catch you hitting that button. Lol