Supermarket Madness!

By | August 25, 2007

OK, a quicky.

Yesterday we were in the supermarket and saw the objects depicted on the left. Now hands up who thought like we did … that they’re a bumper pack of mini-bullets? Go on you know you did. Actually they’re glitter pens for giving away in kid’s party bags. Of course if it’s an adult party I’m sure there’s a market for bumper packs of mini-bullets for those type of party bags.

Yesterday was hot and so is today. We have a few days of summer, or what passes for British summer these days. Whether it’s due to climate change or natural cyclical variations this summer has been a weird and often devastating one.

So, being summer everyone’s wearing shorts. Even the Rammerâ„¢ was delivering mail this morning, face set in it’s permanent battle between melancholy and just plain bad-tempered, with his pasty white knobbly knees exposed for the world to see.

So while at (another) supermarket this morning, look don’t ask we just couldn’t get everything we wanted from the one last night, we saw this …


Shorts, socks and leather shoes just don’t work for me. What do you guys think?