Tits For The Troops

By | December 16, 2009

Occasionally you will find us supporting worthy causes here, we don’t do it very often but I hope you will lend your support to this project.

Best friends Bethany Shaw and Amy read decided to embark upon a project to raise funds for Help For The Heros just a month ago and rather amazingly pulled it off.  They managed to persuade 12 women to remove their clothes to produce a calendar in aide of the charity.

Bethany from Lydney in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire found a suitable photographer, locations for the shoot, printed, produced and promoted the calendar all in just four weeks.  Given the quality of the shots that is amazing.

One of the lovely ladies featured in the calendar for November is army widow Sadie Baldwin seen above, who lost her husband in a car crash while serving with the 5th Battalion The Rifles in Germany last year, she is now raising Lilly-Mae, aged two and Oliver aged one.

Your can read the rest of the story here and orders for the calendar which costs just £10 can be placed here helpforheroescalendar2010@hotmail.com