Not the Only Fruit

By | June 1, 2005

I remember my first true sexual encounter was when I reached the tender age of 11. Prior to that I had a voyage of discovery with a next-door neighbour when I was about 9. He was the same age as myself, a good looking blonde lad who was very athletic. We would go out to “play” in nearby fields during the summer and lay naked, inspecting each other.

He was fascinated by my pussy and it’s many secrets, spending hours examining me at close quarters. I enjoyed this but really wanted him to spend more time around my breast area (not that you could really find them at that age!).I would keep moving his head upwards with my hands and asking him to lick my breasts. He obliged for a short while and then returned to between my legs.

These regular activities excited me immensely but went no further. That is until I reached the age of 11 and met a very attractive brunette in my first senior school class. She was a curvaceous girl with an olive complexion, brown eyes and long brown hair and stood about 5′ 6″ in her stocking feet.I knew I liked Elizabeth deeper than our friendship and later discovered that she was a lesbian (how lucky was that?). We spent many innocent days together, getting to know each other as friends but I knew that I wanted more than that and Liz did too.

Liz’s parents had a static caravan out in the countryside which they used on a regular basis for weekend getaways. They would go as a family when possible but at other times Liz was allowed to go for a weekend away with one of her friends. Liz’s father dropped us off early Friday evening at the caravan with our changes of clothes and provisions and would not be picking us up again until Sunday afternoon. I remember it was early summer and the days were nice and hot but the evenings could still be very cold.

We put our food and clothes away and decided to go for a walk. We decided to take a 5 mile round walk, strolling hand in hand up hill and down dale admiring the wildlife in the late evening sun. When we got back to the caravan it was dusk and we decided to cook up some tea. Not sure that we had cordon bleau, probably sausage, egg and beans. We finished up tea, washed up and sat down for the night in front of the tiny portable TV.

The evening passed uneventfully at first, while we watched banal TV. Eventually we both got undressed for bed, the intention being that we both sleep on opposite sides of the living area on those sofa bed things. We were both very uncomfortable both of us complaining to each other that the beds were lumpy and cold. I suggested that we make a double bed by pushing the seat cushions together on the floor so that we could then snuggle up and at least keep each other warm, Liz agreed.

Eventually we both climbed in to the bed in our flimsy night dresses and snuggled under the covers. All perfectly innocent until I turned my back to Liz so that I could spoon with her. Liz gently pushed her breasts in to my back as she moved closer in and I could feel her warm breath on the back of my neck. “Uhm that’s nice” I purred. I then felt warm fingers glide under my arm and over my left breast. I let out a light, approving groan and Liz gave me a pleasing squeeze.

There was no room for misunderstanding, I wanted Liz and she wanted me in a very adolescent but undeniably sexual way. I turned around to face Liz and began to gently kiss her on the lips. She reciprocated by parting my closed lips with her tongue and running it around my mouth. This was a sensation I hadn’t encountered before, up until then my kisses had been closed mouthed.

I remember being extremely turned on, though not understanding the feelings in my head or the reaction of my body at the time. The slight swelling of my small breasts and the strange hot sensation in my groin were tantalising, exciting and a little strange. Every sensation was new. I was enjoying the events as they unfolded, but also knowing that it was slightly taboo. We engaged in mutual breast licking, sucking and kneading, which left both of us wet and eager to be satisfied.

Liz put her hands down my panties and at first I did recoil, she reassured me saying that it was alright. So I moved my hand away from hers, therefore allowing her access to my pussy. This was trust indeed, as the most I had allowed anyone to do was take a look. She very gently cupped my pussy with her hand, this felt warm and comforting. I gave her a smile of consent and she began to move her hand to and fro between my slightly parted legs. This felt good, so I placed my hand between her legs and rubbed her too. We experimented for what seemed like hours, touching and caressing each other, until finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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