The Scent Of A…

By | August 26, 2007

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago Alex and I travelled for two hours just to smell pussy.  If you missed the post you can catch up with it here.

Right, are you back?

I made my way across the shop floor and I don’t know why but I took a look around to check if anyone had entered the store.  As if I was about to practice something extremely clandestine.  🙂  Alex extended his hand out to me as I approached and the rocker guy with the ponytail and receding hairline watched my every step in anticipation I suppose.

As I walked over it flashed through my head…”I wonder how many women have had the balls to ask to smell this?”  He was waiting for me being a woman to give my opinion, no doubt one of a few but not many.  I bet all the shop assistants had already sampled the sensuous aroma.

I took hold of his hand and raised it to my nostrils, then drew in a deep breath…

…now you all know me, I’m an honest girl and don’t mess around trying to pretend that a spade is not a spade when it bloody well is.  Lol  I drew in my breath and smelt…

Piss!  I’m sorry to say this and it was a great disappointment to me but Vulva Original smelt more like Incontinence Pants.  The smell could be likened for all you out there who haven’t had the opportunity to take in its fragrance, like an old folks home.  Not nice to admit but true.

I felt a little awkward as I played with the responses I had to this fragrance inside my head, partly considering tempering my response and possibly lying and I couldn’t do that.  The little voice inside my head kept saying “Go on tell them what it smells like they are waiting”…”No I can’t, I would have to be honest and come right out with the truth, that I thought it smells like pissy pants”.

After a few moments of wrestling with my response in my head I decided to go for it.  “I think it smells like urine”.  There was an uncomfortable silence and Alex tried to dilute my response by taking another sniff and saying it’s getting there.  Lol  He’s such a nice guy!

The guy behind the counter didn’t say anything, in fact I did wonder if he didn’t agree with me.  Or have I got a particularly sensitive nose for the chemistry of the various fluids found around a woman’s bits.  Who knows…but it did smell like piss even after a few minutes and I really, really hope my fanny doesn’t smell like that.  Alex just mentioned as he read this over my shoulder that it doesn’t, phew that’s a relief!  😉 

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