Drunken Sex Chick

By | December 18, 2009

If you thought this post was going to be about a pop group. Wrong! I was thinking yesterday of all the things which have happened to me as a result of over indulgence in alcohol. We all have those memories the morning after and hope that nobody noticed what we did the night before. Or hope they put it down to you being drunk at the time. 😀

Somehow my over indulgence meter didn’t kick in when I was younger and I always ended up going round on that bloody merry-go-round and being sick. 🙁 I recall being at a party with a bf and over indulging. He had the brainy idea that I should eat burn toast, as it made you come round. I was in no fit state to argue with him. But I do recall the smell of burning bread and that made me wretch. Despite my nearly coating the kitchen table at our hosts house with vomit, he insisted that I bite in to this piece of blackened toast. Well, you can guess the rest can’t you…

I recall being at another party with my gf’s and them all copping off with someone, leaving me downstairs chatting to strangers. Before I knew it I was more than a little worse for wear and started crying that nobody fancied me. This guy I forget his name, came over and gave me a hug. Next thing I know he is kissing me. He wasn’t too bad either. I spent the night getting to know him whilst my friends had their brains shagged out upstairs.

We just talked and kissed and he had a quick play with my breasts but nothing more than that. When the party ended we exchanged phone numbers. I had second thoughts the following day when I realised that I had my beer goggles on when I kissed him the night before. I didn’t call him and I was rather thankful that he didn’t call me either.

My best friend and I went to see some strippers one evening. One of the acts was a Tarzan like guy with a snake. After he did his act I followed him round the back of the stage to see his snake. Ok, you can stop laughing now. He had a beauty…a six foot boa constrictor. Now if I had been sober I don’t think I would have done that. 😀

My common sense momentarily left me one night when I asked a male friend of mine to go upstairs and I would send up my friend to meet him. Let me just give you some background here. The girl was my lesbian best friend. I can’t recall how I managed to persuade her to go upstairs in to that bedroom. But I do remember everything being quiet when she entered the room. I stood and listened with my bf of the time. All was quiet…then five minutes later she emerged from the bedroom and down the stairs crying. I never found out exactly what happened. She didn’t want to discuss it. It took me days to make back up with her and taught me a very valuable lesson, don’t try and convert anyone sexually, especially not when you have had a drink. Now, if only I could get John Barrowman…

Once whilst clubbing with some GFs a persistent guy kept on coming on to me. Dancing really close almost rubbing his groin on my ass. I tried to very politely ignore him but he was having none of it. No matter how much I declined his offers of drinks, dances and to suck him off (only joking with the last one!), he just wouldn’t take no for an answer. So in my slightly inebriated I hatched a plan. I grabbed hold of my friend and began to give her a deep tongue probing kiss.

She was slightly taken back and I think that was why she didn’t resist. Although I am bi she wasn’t. She let me continue to kiss her. When I parted from her lips, she had a slightly shocked and stunned look on her face. I smiled and turned towards the guy, who had obviously enjoyed the floorshow. “I’m with her”, I said and we turned heels and made for the bar. It worked, he didn’t bother us again that night.

But the most significant drunken event was the loss of my virginity. But not to a total stranger. To my bf, who I had been seeing for about 4 months. I heard you all panic then for a moment that I had gone off with a total stranger and been taken advantage of. No, it wasn’t like that at all.

I missed my bus and he persuaded me to stay over. He still lived at home with his parents and they were in bed. We crept in to the house, up the stairs and it to his room. I started to talk and he shushed me, as his parents were in the adjoining room. We both undressed in the dark and slipped under the covers naked. My intention was to cuddle and nothing more. He had different ideas…

He was laying behind me spooning up to me and I could hear his breath against my ear. It was becoming deep and fast. His hand was around my waist, very innocent. He had felt up my breasts, taken them in his mouth but never done anything down there. I could feel his presence against my buttocks. He had an erection poking in to my flesh.

I stayed in position trying not to bring attention to his arousal. Then he started to rub up against me and he reached down between my legs and started to rub me through my panties. Of course I left them on, it wasn’t like I was going to screw him or anything! I recall him asking “Do you want to?”. I had to think about it for a moment and then I replied “yes”. He entered me from behind and gently fucked me. It’s all a bit fuzzy now but I did enjoy it. Despite being close to my 18th Birthday I still felt a little guilty for loosing my virginity.

It wasn’t like I slept around or was under age but I felt bad for quite some time afterwards. Don’t get me wrong I have no regrets about loosing my virginity in that way. It wasn’t at all sordid or meaningless sex, I thought I loved the guy at the time. I have wondered a few times over the years, would I have allowed him to take me if I had been sober? Who knows.

This topic will have to be revisited at some point because I’m sure as soon as I leave the keyboard more memories will come flooding back to me.