Talk To Me Baby!

By | August 30, 2007

What if your partner could make you cum just by whispering something to you.  I have just discovered exactly how you can achieve this, distance no problem.  😉

“The Toy” is manufactured by a company here in the UK, Cool & Groovy Toy Company.  It’s the first (as far as I am aware) Bluetooth controlled sex toy.  It operates by receiving sms messages from compatible phones from these suppliers:

  •  Nokia
  •  Motorola
  •  Panasonic
  •  Samsung
  •  Sharpe
  •  Sony Ericsson

You will be relieved to know that the toy is not discoverable via a Bluetooth search, so your secret is safe.  Especially if you wear it to the office.  Now there’s an idea!  😉

The Toy will only respond to tagged messages so there is no worry the Betty in the next office will be getting off on yours.  It’s good to know that it is silent in operation too, although you may not be.  Lol

It has virtually an unlimited range of motions, speeds and times.  You could achieve up to 45 effects from one letter, 7200 variations from a single text message.

You can read more here I’m getting excited just reading about it.  And don’t forget, if you order one I’d like the purple one.

Now where did I put my mobile?  😉

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