Fucking Through The Elements

By | December 19, 2009

Yesterday brought our first flurries of snow here in the UK. By lunchtime there was a light dusting on everything outside the window. This looked very pretty but the temperature had plummeted, so much so that the dusting that would normally have melted after a few minutes didn’t.

As I look out the window yesterday it was still there like someone just sieved over all the roads and houses. But last night it was so cold that we had difficulty keeping the house warm despite the best efforts by the central heating.

Our bedroom was really cold and we had to throw another duvet over the top of ours to insulate ourselves from it. And as for getting jiggy. There was no way that we were allowing ourselves to be ravaged by the elements. Lol

We fucked missionary. Not the best of positions, certainly not for good penetration. After a few minutes we both intimated that we wanted to get down to some hard fucking. Defiant and not to be deterred we both gathered up our robes and put them on.

I flipped up the back and in he went. Not very sexy but avoiding hypothermia. Lol