Naughty Office Games

By | December 21, 2009

Kevin BaconAs it’s our last day at work and there’s very little to do in the office today we needed something to do. So I searched the Internet for something to amuse us.

I came up with this from “Centrinet

“The Bacon Factor”

Take a list of 10 movie stars any movie stars at all. Link that person to Kevin Bacon through movies in the least amount of steps possible.


Dustin Hoffman was in Hook with Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was in Flat-Liners with…Kevin Bacon!!

Bacon factor is 1. Don’t count the direct connection.

You should be able to do this with just about any actor or actress from any time. The challenge is knowing all of the right movies and who was in them.

Then after playing this for a while it occurred to me that you could do this with adult stars, maybe the Ron Jeremy Factor? – wanna give it a try? LOL

OK, so what are you doing in the office in the wind-down to Christmas?