Rage Against The Machine

By | December 21, 2009

I had to laugh at the result of the race to the Christmas Number One in the charts. X-Factor’s winner – what’s his name? – beaten to the top spot by a single from over a decade ago by Rage against the machine. I’m sure the X-Factor winner is a nice bloke and I wish him all the best but another Christmas of crap? We can do without it, even if the Rage single has a vey narrow appeal – outside pissing of Simon Cowell.

Another rage against the machine that I have to be part of is to do with the transformers movie. It’s bloody brilliant as a piece of CGI but it’s too long by at least 30 minutes.  Big robots beating the shit out of each other is great but just as you think that the climax has arrived there’s another wave of F22s, F16s, B1 Lancers, Blackhawks … amazing too how the US can get that much military hardware into theatre in about twenty minutes.

If you suspend belief for a while “Revenge Of The Fallen” is great but toooooooo long!