Giving Ina To You

By | December 21, 2009

Since visiting the Venus Sexpo in Berlin I have been waiting to get my hands on this sex toy.  It’s the Lelo Ina vibrator,  it was sent to me by my mates at Bedtime Heaven and I’m one of the first people to review it .  They know what I like.  😉

When I think of Lelo products I think of a popular advert…”this isn’t just a sex toy it’s a Lelo sex toy”.  Lol  They are without a doubt one of the classiest pleasure object producers out there.  Every product in their range is stylish, ergonomic and beautiful to look at the perfect combination of function and design.

I believe every girl should own at least one of their products.  The Ina stands out on its own because it is their first rabbit styled vibrator with a perfect g-spot curve.  What more could a girl want?

This vibrator oozes quality in both build and performance.  As ever the Ina is rechargeable which is a good thing, no more hunting for batteries and no used batteries to have to dispose of.  Who said having fun couldn’t be green.  😉

The Ina is presented in a classy matt black box which upon opening reveals a perfectly presented individually encased vibrator.  Ensuring that you are the first person to release the pleasure.  Symbolic, a very nice touch.

You will also find a very stylish black satin pouch to stow away your new pleasure object in.

Here are her vital statistics

  • Fashioned from ABS and silicone both green and hypoallergenic  🙂
  • Perfectly shaped for g-spot stimulation combined with clitoral arousal
  • Rechargeable with a 2 hour charge providing up to 4 hours of play
  • Measuring 20cm in length with a maximum girth of 6cm at its widest point
  • Featuring two motors which deliver 8 vibratory patterns with multiple speed options
  • You can barely hear her in action she is very quiet in use

I slipped off in to the bedroom as soon as the charging lights became steady, indicating that the Ina was fully charged.  It was Saturday afternoon and Alex was busy working on one of our sites.

Pulling the curtains closed shielded me from the prying eyes of the outside world but not the light, it was a fairly bright day given the previous two had brought snow.  I had already washed and prepared the Lelo Ina ready for use as soon as it was charged.   Eager, I know.  Lol

It was cold and I slipped off my jeans and panties, swiftly followed by my socks and lifted the duvet sliding inside.  I picked up the Ina from my bedside cabinet and added a couple of drops of lube to the tip spreading them around.

As I lowered my Ina below the duvet I braced myself for the chill not having warmed it before hand under the warm tap.  The tip felt cold as it pressed against my opening.  I applied gentle pressure and it penetrated me but felt slightly out of alignment.

After a little manipulation I realised that the best way to insert the Ina is using an arching action which allows penetration whilst accommodating the tips glide over your clitoris.  I personally found that full penetration wasn’t possible due to my anatomical configuration but don’t worry the Ina is designed to work without being fully inserted.

Not all girls are configured the same and the clever guys at Lelo sex toys have catered for that.  I found that the internal tip was pressing against my g-spot and the clit vibe was perfectly seated over my now bulging clitoris.

It did concern me initially that the rabbit on the Ina wasn’t very flexible but I realised when I used it that the firmness had a vital part to play, it conducted the strong waves of vibration perfectly.

When the Ina was seated comfortably inside me I began to cycle through the vibratory patterns and found the circular pattern to be the most stimulating for me.  I can only describe it as feeling full with a presence against my g-spot, whilst something was massaging and vibrating my swollen clitoris.  Yes it felt like there was some locomotion was involved in the rabbit’s action despite it being static, a strangely exciting feeling whilst being puzzling.  They have certainly got the vibratory patterns spot on, unlike any other vibrator I have used.

Rabbit vibes normally stimulate the clitoris in a one dimensional way but this was somehow, don’t ask me how…two dimensional.  It really did feel like someone was moving a vibe around on my clit.  Sheer bliss.

Needless to say it didn’t take long before my breathing became erratic, my back arched and my toes curled downwards as I felt the first of several orgasms envelope me.

The Lelo Ina is a luxury vibrator that every girl should experience it’s well worth the financial investment and will provide years of pleasure.  It comes with a 1 year Lelo warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee.  Not to mention oodles of orgasms…priceless.  😉

This toy will be going in my bedside draw, the highest accolade for my toys.