It’s All Up Down

By | September 7, 2007

I love Friday’s at work, people seem to be more relaxed and jolly.  We hardly did any work this morning, spent most of it chatting.  It was fairly quiet work-wise and we had worked hard all week as the pace began to pick up following the end of the school breaks.

The girls even indulged in a chocolate bar before lunch and then one confessed…remember these girls are obsessed with dieting…that they had taken a liking for M & S chocolate chip cookies from their “Finest” range and indulged in one after tea each night.

For one moment I was reminded of Little Britain and the Fat Fighters club run by Marjorie, whose favourite saying was “cut them in half then they are only half the calories, so you can have twice as much”.  Lol

I let all the diet talk and the “Oooh I shouldn’t have eaten that”, crap flow over me or it would really start to grate by the end of the day.  But today there was some juicy gossip.  Apparently one of them knows a woman who attended a friends funeral and ended up shagging the vicar.

Not just once but following another funeral she attended some time after the first.  I was A wondering if she was after a seat in a special place and B wondering if she was the kiss of death, being that she knew of two people who had died within a short time of each other.  Or C, was she creating business for he newfound boyfriend?  🙂

Either way it filled the morning with joviality, I nearly wet myself with laughing.  So the morning quiet quickly melted away and then it was time to go for my lunch break.

When I got in the car it was like an oven, the sun was blazing this afternoon and it seems that we have another spell of Summer before the dark cold Winter descends upon us.  I lowered the front windows to let the air in and started the engine.

I drove down the street and pulled on to the main road, as I did so I heard a wolf whistle come through my window.  A smile grew on my lips and I felt very smug and elated.  It’s amazing to be appreciated by guys, it gives you a real lift.  So I was on cloud nine.

Then…I looked in the rear view mirror…

…There was a girl in a pair of figure hugging blue jeans, stilettos and a yellow shoe sting t-shirt that her nipples clearly and prominently poked through, walking down the road.

Isn’t it amazing how you can be on cloud nine one minute and the next have the rug pulled out from under your feet!

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