Playing the Pink Oboe

By | June 9, 2005

Suze and I made a discovery on Tuesday night about the possible origin of the phrase “Playing the pink oboe”. I always thought it was some vague euphemism to the phallic nature of the instrument and the use of the partners mouth. How wrong could I be.

As you’ll be aware if you’ve been reading the back postings, I was away on business Sunday to Tuesday night. So when I got back Suze and I had some shags to catch up on. While I’m not complaining this can be hard on the male member. When I mentioned my state of discomfort to Suze she gently licked my cock from balls to tip, then blew on it to cool it down, while I lay back and enjoyed the sensation.

This had the effect of making it stir again, despite the recent pounding. The colder it got the more aroused and ticklish it got. I started to get the giggles, she blew harder. Then she did it, blew into and slightly across the glans of my semi-erect penis. It whistled.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed, my first reaction was just pain. The end of my urethra resonating like the reed of a wind instruments was consumed in a short, sharp, hot pain. In a strange way an enjoyable type of pain. Then I realised I had heard a whistling noise. “What was that?” asked Suze. I looked down at the newly discovered woody-wind instrument and raised an eyebrow.

She did it again, this time harder and was reward with a louder, shriller whistle. “Shit, that hurt”. She licked my end. I relaxed as the soothing caress of her lithe tongue lulled me. Then she did it again. “Aaargh, you cow!”.

I jumped her and tickled her until she threatened to wet herself then relented.

“Don’t get into the habit of doing that.”, I warned.

Top tips for Pink Oboe players:

  • You need a semi-erect member, too soft or hard will not work.
  • The state of the erection directly affects the note. It’s not the size but the rigidity which alters the frequency of the “reed”.
  • Tuning is very important, practice a lot!
  • Get your partner’s consent. No really, it hurts.

Alex 🙂