Ultimate Femdom – Part 1

By | December 28, 2009

The full moon hung in an inky blue-black sky casting stark shadows across the dusty white soil of the “Dorset County Wildlife Reserve”. The air was still and warm, silence only broken by the chirping of insects and the rustling of game as it crept through the undergrowth. Until, in the distance a raucous steel and aluminium interloper dared to desecrate the peace.

The six girls sat in the rear of the Land Rover, three on each side facing each other. To a casual observer they looked like schoolgirls in a khaki uniform. Dusty brown shirts, shorts and leather boots. What would have surprised our observer were the six Lee Enfield rifles, held by the girls and clamped upright between six pairs of shapely knees.

They stared through each other, their minds racing forward in time. The excitement and expectation was palpable. One girl bit her lip and smiled slightly as she imagined what the night might have in store. Another’s fingers entwined in the canvas strap of the rifle and formed a fist, her fingers becoming pink and white as the makeshift tourniquet bit into her flesh. Her only reaction to the pain she inflicted on herself was the slightest flaring of her left nostril. She twisted the strap even harder.

The Land Rover thundered to a halt the brakes emitting an ear-piercing squeal. A stout matronly woman hopped out from behind the steering wheel with a sprightliness that defied her ample frame. “Come along girls!”, she chirped. “We don’t have all night.” She added, inaccurately.

The girls scrambled over the tailgate of the Land Rover, rifles slung over their shoulders and formed a rank, facing the stout woman.

“Now girls, this is the first full moon since your 18th birthday.” The girls shuffled impatiently.

“STAND STILL” trilled their portly drill sergeant. “This is an evening that I’m sure you will remember for the rest of your life.” She said solemnly, and paused, for effect. “I know I remember mine.” And a smile lit up her face.

“Now go and enjoy yourselves, but try not to hit one another. Your mothers would not let me hear the end of it.”

“Yes, Miss”, replied the girls in unison and with not a little derision in their tone.

The girls paired off and melted into the scrub, while “Miss” returned to the Land Rover.


Miriam and Rachael knelt in the long grass about four hundred metres from the Land Rover. They had spotted movement in a patch of bushes some ten metres upwind, and could smell the musky aroma of their quarry. They had been trained to recognise the scent, all girls were, and know to its originator’s habits and behaviour.

Rachael stroked Miriam’s neck as they assessed the mood of their prey. Miriam’s hand strayed onto Rachael’s leg, nails gently tracing a path from knee to the hem of her shorts. She wished for a moment they were not on the hunt, but that they were back in the dorm. Hearing Rachael pad quietly across the floor, feeling her lift the sheet and slide in with her. The heat from their bodies combining as their arms encircled each other. Legs woven together as pussies rubbed against thighs.

But tonight they had other matters to attend to.

Miriam motioned with her hand, indicating that Rachael should move forward and to the side of the bushes. She did, taking note of the wind as it began to swirl between the undergrowth.

Miriam held her breath, if it smelt them it would make a break for it and hide deeper in the reserve. They could spend all night tracking it, or worse still lose it all together.

But the wind did change. There was a snarl from the dark recesses of the bushes and a dark shape bounded out of the gloom.

Rachael froze, but Miriam raised her rifle and fired instinctively. She hadn’t been tri-county riflewoman for two years running for nothing. The plastic bullet issued from the barrel of her rifle and sped towards the beast with perfect accuracy, it struck the back of its knee and felled him. The beast let out a vicious snarl. The blunt tipped round would leave it limping for a few weeks but no permanent damage had been done.

Rachael launched herself on top of the thrashing mass of sinew and muscles. She cast aside her rifle and ripped open her shirt. She straddled his waist and her exposed naked chest was bathed in the light of the full moon. Miriam was there a moment later, pinning his arms with her legs, buttocks thrust into his face, facing Rachael.

The growling from the prey became les quarrelsome and deeper as he smelt Miriam’s sex. She was wet, the anticipation of the moments to come had given rise to a delicious river of liquid desire inside her. Rachael leant forward and kissed Miriam. Reaching forward Rachael tugged open Miriam’s shirt exposing a pair of curvy breasts with provocatively erect nipples.

The beast was growling, now supplicant but still potently animal. Rachael stood and removed her shorts. Her naked sex and its thin strip of dark brown curls glistened with her moisture. The man’s penis was stirring as his instincts and hormones recognised and reacted to the chemical signals washing over him from the two aroused girls.

“It’s bigger than I imagined” said Rachael, her voice excited.

“I was told the ones in the biology lab were a little on the small side.” Remarked Miriam, “You first, I think he’s nearly ready.”

Rachael took his cock in her hand. Gingerly at first, but with growing confidence and enthusiasm she stroked his growing erection until it was harder than she had ever imagined it would be. The man’s hips rose and fell, his balls tight against the base of his stiff shaft.

Rachael lowered herself onto his pulsating member. “Aaaa!” she exclaimed as the tip opened the flesh folds of her ravenous pink pussy, “Ooohh yes” as she felt the resistance whose demise would mark her transition to womanhood. With her lust overcoming the icy rivulet of doubt trickling down the back of her neck she pushed herself down onto his cock opened the door that can never be closed.

The girls held each other’s forearms, steadying the other. Miriam watched Rachael’s face as her virginity became a memory. She was privileged to witness the moment, yearning for Rachael to witness her transition as much as she needed to feel the man’s shaft inside her.

His hot breath on her thigh was driving her wild, his unkempt beard abrading her soft skin as he struggled against his captors. Rachael’s eyes began to roll as she rode the feral cock. His intense musky scent filled her with base desire. She felt an orgasm build deep in her belly, the sensory tempest bursting from her mouth. An exultant shriek of joy cast into the night as her pussy spasmed on his captive cock, reaffirming her sovereignty over it.

The bucking animal the girls now rode came with a guttural snarl. Rachael released Miriam’s arms and dug her nails into the man’s exposed chest.

Quiet returned to their enclave of the reserve. As it did so they became aware of the sounds of the other four girls engaging in the culmination of their pursuits.

“That was amazing” said Rachael quietly, her head on her Miriam’s chest as Miriam stroked her hair. “He’ll be ready for you soon, I can’t wait to watch” said Rachael softly.


In the Land Rover “Miss” smiled at the sounds of animal carnality rolling across the reserve and began to write the first of six letters …

24 July 2316
Dear Mistress …

I am please to inform you that your daughter … is now a Sister in the Order of Lemnos…