Surreptitious Sex

By | June 11, 2005

My mind wandered to encounters of surreptitious sex as I mowed the lawn on this afternoon. Most of them occurred when Alex and I started going out with each other.

I remember vividly taking a trip out in the car with Alex’s parents in the front seats. I was feeling particularly ready for “It”, I carefully opened Alex’s flies under his loose t-shirt and grabbed hold of his cock. He had a semi already and I gripped him firmly with my hand and began to wank him.

Trying desperately not to give the act away by moving my shoulder rapidly, I slowly worked my hand up and down his erect cock. Alex was really getting off on the idea of being wanked in the back seat of his dad’s car, whilst his parents were blissfully unaware. He almost gave the game away as he started to lift off the seat and gently fuck my hand.

Just at the right moment he grabbed hold of my hand and placed it over the top of his moist glans. He came in my hand and his hot juices oozed between my fingers. It’s was a good job that I had a skirt on because I came all over the gusset of my panties. I managed to clean up Alex and my hand with some tissue, just before Alex’s mum offered us both a mint!

Another occasion in Alex’s parent’s presence was in the kitchen whilst they slept in bed. This can be a little difficult for me, as I like to vocalise as I am being fucked. We had both been out for the evening and wanted sex badly, as the opportunity had not arisen earlier in the evening. Alex pulled down my panties (I had a short skirt on) and lifted me on to the work surface, legs wide apart. He pulled off his trousers and boxers to reveal a stonking great hard on. Grabbing my legs and lifting them on to his shoulders he drove in to me.

The sex was heightened by the thought that just above us his parents slept and we both came within moments of him thrusting deep in to my pussy. This was fortunate as he had to screw me while standing on tiptoes, the height was just wrong, but that just added to the fun.

Oh, I’ve just remembered another time we both fucked whilst Alex’s parents slept (or at least I think they did!). Again, we had both been out for a night on the town and wanted to shag. We lay in front of the telly on the settee, Alex behind me head propped on his arm.

I felt a hard bulge press in to the small of my back and Alex whispered in my ear, “do you want this inside you”? I never need to be asked twice and I hitched up my skirt and pushed my thong’s crotch to one side. He eased slowly in to me as we spooned, then fucked me very carefully as not to give the game away should his parents come downstairs.

Car experiences can be particularly horny. On our way back home in the early hours I reached in to Alex’s trousers and began to wank him. I tried to suck his hard tool but this is very difficult for both of you whilst driving.

Alex pulled over in to a layby at the side of the dual carriageway and once the car was parked I tore at his trousers. I pushed my mouth over his cock until I gagged and began to move my head up and down in his groin. Alex gripped the steering wheel hard and began to move his hips too and fro, fucking my mouth. I kept a firm grip with my lips and sucked hard as he moved in and out of my mouth.

I felt his cock throb and with a deep-throated groan of sexual satisfaction he came in my mouth. I swallowed most of his juice but kept a little on one side so that when we kissed he could taste his own cum.

Placing my lips on his I poked my tongue inside his mouth so that he could taste his musky juices. Tap, tap came the noise from the side window nearest Alex. He wound down the window to be greeted by a guy asking for directions. We pointed him in the right direction and then wound up the window. We laughed about that one for weeks after.