I’m In The Moog For Dancing (Sorry!)

By | October 13, 2006

Multi MoogI almost forgot to update you on my last post What Would You Do?  You’ve all been waiting so patiently.  I’m almost tempted to be naughty and keep you waiting a little while longer.  Hehehe.  You just love the suspense I know you do.

Andy moved from behind his organ (insert your own punchline here) and came over towards me with his arm outstretched.  He smiled and attempted to put his arm around me saying “They sound like they are enjoying themselves”.

I backed away, there was no doubt in my mind that Andy thought his luck was in.  But not with this girl, her boyfriend would be waiting at the pub.  He sensed that I would not be reciprocating his advance and retreated to behind his Moog and started playing again.

You could have cut the air with a knife at that point.  I sat back down on the bed and listened to the strange combination of his rendition of Mercy, Mercy Me with backing vocals supplied courtesy of Karen and Glyn.

When the moans and creaks from the sofa died down I exited Andy’s bedroom with a cough to make them both aware of my presence.  As I walked down the stairs they were both busy tucking in shirts and pulling up panties.

So you see I had my chance to witness a live sex show in Andy’s living room and declined the invitation but next time, well who knows.