Sex and Horror

By | September 14, 2007

I bought a DVD today, “28 Weeks Later”. I normally wait for DVDs to fall in price before buying them, but I fancied a gore-fest of epic proportions, which is what the film promises. We might get to see it tonight, we’ll see.

I’ve had one hell of a time at work over the past few weeks, plus the move of the site to the new server, and that is all beginning to tell on me. Work, as it happens has just started to turn good, the issues that have been dogging my project have been resolved by the application of research and bloody-mindedness on my part.

Suze isn’t faring much better for a variety of reasons. So we’re both pretty weary.

Sometimes you want to watch a film that makes you think. Sometimes one that highlights and dramatises a subject that would be difficult to engage with. Maybe it’s a subject that would otherwise be too dry and clinical like James Watson and Francis Crick’s discovery of the shape of the DNA molecule, phenomenally important, interesting and sensational, but without a little humanisation the story would be a little too much for most people to digest.

Of course there are times when you just want your partner to jump out of their skin and into your arms. Ooops, that sounded quite gory in itself didn’t it LOL. Not that I have to resort to such tactics with Suze, we’re past the coy, wooing stage :). However in the past it’s a ploy that I’ve used successfully hehehe.

I’ve never seen it from the female perspective, obviously as that would involve surgery or a Vulcan mind-meld. So ladies, do you like to be scared and cling to your man? I don’t mean in a “I’m a bloody helpless female.” Kind of way, but in a “Come on big boy protect me from the flesh eating, limping zombies and you’re going to get some wild monkey sex the like of which you’ve never seen kind of way.”

Over to you.

And I’m off to watch gallons of blood being spilt.


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