For King and Cuntry

By | June 14, 2005

We’ve been invited to a friend’s annual fancy dress party in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if we’ll get time to go. I’ve got to get a summer job and Alex is busy at work as usual so if we have the time we probably won’t have the energy.

Last year’s was memorable, not just for the party, they are always good fun, but for what happened while Alex and I were getting ready.

I couldn’t wait to pick up my outfit for Julie’s party. She has a large rural detached property with extensive grounds, sweet reward for being a successful artist.

Alex had already organised his outfit, he was going as a Goth ( he knows I love him in black, with chains and buckles). He was dressed in black when we first met any the rush I get seeing him dressed like that is still as strong as it was then.

My outfit was a WWII WRAF officer, complete with stilettos and fishnet stockings. I didn’t tell Alex what I’d ordered, he likes a surprise.

I popped out to the shop and picked up my outfit before Alex was back from work. Alex was back when I returned and was eager to have a discover what outfit I would be wearing. I slipped upstairs to the bedroom and changed, the skirt was nice and short and the jacket nipped me in at the waist. I looked extremely good in it.

I shouted for Alex to come and look, he was so eager that he ran upstairs. “You look hot”! he exclaimed. He had a noticeable bulge in the front of his trousers, he’d being getting horny just wondering what I was up to.

He pulled off his trousers and thong and sat on the chair by our bed. His end was already wet with his own juices. I removed my panties and sidled over to the chair. I strode across Alex’s groin, his erection was now pointing up at my moist twat. I slowly lowered myself on to him until I was completely filled by his tool.

I let out a groan, part pleasure, part surprise as his helmet hit the back of me. Then with hips swaying I ground down hard on that wonderful instrument of pleasure. Alex’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he asked me to fuck him.

The stilettos were great, providing me with plenty of leg length to rise and fall on Alex’s prick. I lifted myself upwards almost completely off the tip of his erection, just to that point where you are still gripping the head. Enough of that I thought as I sat back hard on his cock and picked up speed, fucking him hard and fast (I love it like that).

I was very wet and had to concentrate, so that he didn’t slip out of me (this has happened in the past and it is not very pleasant for him if his cock gets bent while I’m bouncing on it). Alex lifted my shirt free of my skirt and slipped my white satin bra over my breasts. He grabbed hold of both erect nipples and tweaked, and I dug my nails deeper in to his shoulders.

I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm as my insides began to go into a pleasurable spasm. Just one more stroke and I was there, panting glistening and fulfilled I sat down on Alex and held him tight in my arms.

“Did you cum”? enquired Alex. “My god that was good” I gasped, “How about you, did you cum”? No, I’ m going to save it ’till next time so I’ll fill you up”. Uhm, more cock promised for later, I couldn’t wait!