Lesbian Desires

By | January 2, 2010

I wrote a post quite some time ago about my favourite television ladies and the naughty thoughts I had when watching them on television.  You can read it here I’ll wait while you catch up.

At the time I completely missed mentioning Jane Hill who reads the news on BBC1 although I do find her extremely attractive.  In fact come to mention it there are lots of attractive women on the BBC at the moment.

OK calm down.

Yes, back to the object of my post.  The papers are running a story about Jane Hill.  She has apparently come out as being a lesbian to the Corporation’s internal magazine although her colleagues claim she has never made a secret of her sexuality.

She is living with her camerawoman girlfriend Sarah and her dog Mavis and seems to be happy. I’m happy that she has found the inner strength to go public with this even though she didn’t need to.

I wish her every success and will be viewing her reports with even more of a twinkle in my eye.  😉