Here Pussy Pussy Pussy

By | September 20, 2007

I heard a news story today. I would have laughed at it for two reasons. Firstly it was very funny and secondly I wrote about Mrs Slocombe the other day. Read the post if you don’t quite get the connection.

I say would have laughed at it but I was unable to do so. I had my mouth full and a young lady was bent over me. No I wasn’t having a “special” massage, I was having one of my molars refilled. The dental nurse and my dentists both laughed out loud while all I could do was chortle in a gurgling sort of way and wonder when I’d get to an Internet connection to check the story out.

This is what I heard on the Radio “The Sun newspaper has reported that Blue Peter are in trouble again over rigging phone votes. This time they chose not to use the top-voted name when they asked the viewers to phone in and choose the name of the new Blue Peter cat. They chose the name socks, but the real winner was Pussy … programme makers felt the winning name inappropriate.”

Not having been a viewer of Blue Peter for many years I can’t say I’ve kept track of the animals that have come and gone recently. But I could see why the BBC would not want the Blue Peter cat to be called “Pussy”, I mean imagine the cheap jokes.

However when I was watching the BBC News 24 coverage of the incident later I was surprised to hear that the winning name of the cat was “Cookie”, not “Pussy”. “Odd”, I thought as all three present at my dental work had heard the same story. It wasn’t just me needing my ears cleaning out.

So I did a bit of research. The Guardian says here:

It is understood that Mr Marson [Producer at the time of the alleged misconduct] was sent home on Monday after it emerged that the name that topped a Blue Peter poll was not given to the show’s cat.

The name that came top is thought to have been deemed inappropriate for a children’s show and the cat was eventually called Socks

While not explicitly saying “Pussy”, they say the top name was inappropriate. So far, so good. However here on the Guardian website, they quote the name as “Cookie

So I checked out Sky News here, and according to them:

Some people apparently use the term [cookie] as a swear word.”

So I see four possibilities:

1) The Sun have made up a story, based on the current embarrassing situation at the BBC
2) The Sun reporter miss-heard or was fed with bad information about the cat’s name
3) The radio station (sorry I don’t know which one it was) made the cock-up
4) There’s a cover-up being staged to ensure that the true winning name “Pussy” is never mentioned again

Does anyone know what really happened?

And should you believe anything in the media any more?

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