Sunday Round-Up

By | October 15, 2006

It’s good to have a clear-out from time to time, which is what we have done at Liclist. We noticed a few blogs that were now either dead links, or pointed to “Final Post” type messages, so we’ve removed them.

We also found some unusual activity on one blog. Because of this we’ve put extra checks on the ranking system to prevent that sort of naughtiness happening again.

And we have a new button for Liclist.

New Liclist ButtonIf you like it please copy it from here and use it in place of your existing one. There are no changes to the URL of the list or the code that “votes” for your blog. 

We’d also like to point out a project started by Mr Gently. The Sex Blogger Community. It’s young and fresh, and aims to bring together knowledge and experience of blogging to new and experienced bloggers alike.

Sex Blog Community 

Please support this project if you can. Current contributors are:
Juno Henry   
Mr Gently

SBC120x30 Image Both buttons designed by Suze 🙂