Pussies In Hot Underwear

By | January 3, 2010

What’s New Pussycat?

Christmas day was a day of entertainment for my family, I had just about everyone round the table. It was tiring but so enjoyable as we don’t get to sit together much since we all got our own separate and busy lives.

After the last morsel of Christmas pudding had been eaten and the pots stacked next to the sink (this must be one of the few occasions that I wish we had a dishwasher) in the hope that a couple of my guests may offer to do the deed for me. Alex and my mother did whilst I put my feet up later in the evening.

We left the table to watch some of the usual offerings on Christmas day. After flicking through a few channels I stopped at one which was offering up music from years gone by. The music played and we all chatted over the top of it, that was until Pussycat Dolls made an appearance in what can only be described as just televiseable. Lots of shiny PVC and thigh length boots.

You get the picture. 😉

Without thinking I remarked that Nicole Scherzinger (the lead singer) would eat Lewis Hamilton alive. And almost went on to say that I certainly wouldn’t say no to her. At the point the thought came in to my head I managed to clam my lips together stopping myself just in time. Lol

I’m not sure how my mother would have reacted to that comment, I’m guessing she wouldn’t be too pleased.

After everyone had gone I decided to have a poke around on the Internet and discovered that the girls have a range of underwear out called “Shhh” which is being sold at La Senza. Check out some of the items on offer above.

The designer of the range is Robin Antin who is a real entrepreneurial lady you can read up on her here. I have to say that I like most of the range, it’s fun and sassy exactly what you want to be seen in, especially in the bedroom.