Grasp It By The Horn

By | June 28, 2005

The weather has become increasingly hot over the past few days. Now I can hear you all thinking that is a good thing. However it can play havoc with your sex life. It is too damn hot to screw; you end up waiting until quite late in the evening for some grinding action and then feeling quite literally shagged out the following day.

There is an up side to this in that you can walk around with very little on and access to genitalia is easier. Also clothes become thinner and this leads to some very distinguishable erections, there is nothing like seeing a hard cock in profile through very thin cotton. The profile of the head becoming more discernable as the blood surges.

I personally like to dispense with panties, I believe that you need to give your pussy a good airing every now and then. The bra is cast aside as well, nice to see pert nipples against thin fabric than the outline of a lacy bra.

As a result of all our late night activities we have been taking regular naps whilst the sun goes down. Last night Alex and I disappeared off to the bedroom for our pre fuck rest but for some reason he fell deep in to sleep and I didn’t. I think this was because it was too hot for me to settle.

I love to watch Alex when he sleeps, he was wearing a thin pair of khaki shorts and a black t-shirt. You know me I’m not one for turning down an opportunity to have some sexual pleasure.

I just couldn’t resist sliding a hand up the leg of his shorts and stroking his balls. The shorts were quite roomy and I managed to locate his cock as I leaned in against his body.

The thought of me being able to bring Alex off without him stirring from his slumber really appealed. I began to gently massage his responsive tool, it’s great how even when unconscious a guys prick responds to wanking.

It didn’t take much persuading to become hard and his pre cum made my hand very sticky. I removed it from his shorts and licked my fingers clean, not wasting a drop of that tasty juice.

It was amazing how his hard cock was now pressing at the front of his trousers, begging to be released and Alex was completely oblivious. This just led to me being even more turned on. I gripped him firmly and began to move my hand up and down slowly and deliberately.

His balls began to churn and more sticky juice oozed from his pulsating glans. I picked up speed and at one point Alex groaned, not sure if he was partly aware or having a horny dream. He kept on sleeping and I kept on wanking.

His cock was really pushing hard against his shorts, begging to be freed but I wasn’t going to succumb. My breathing became a little loud and rapid and I tried to stifle myself as not to wake him.

I spat on my hand and gripped the very tip of his shaft and worked on his helmet. I love to see the male member with foreskin pulled hard back, the tip shines as if to beckon the mouth. This time I had to imagine how his hard penis looked trapped in his shorts with my hand encircling it. Anyway, I digress. Moments later Alex without warning began to come inside his shorts. I watched with eager excitement as the front of his shorts darkened with his ejaculate.

I wanted to lean over and lick the moistening material, but Alex began to stir. I slipped off the bed and tiptoed downstairs. When he joined me a few minutes later wearing a clean pair of shorts and looking very relaxed, I asked “Ok darling?”. “Yes”, he replied, “I just had a very erotic dream, judging by the state of my shorts. But I’m damned if I can remember what it was about”.

I managed almost an hour before I told him what I had done. When I did he got so aroused that he immediately took me into the kitchen and gave me a damn good seeing to on the kitchen floor (it was the coolest place in the house at that time of day, if you were wondering).