Girls And Porn That Go Both Ways

By | January 4, 2010

We just finished watching The People Versus Larry Flynt. Yes I know we may the last people on the planet not to have seen the film but there you go. Some things pass you by when you have a busy life …

Anyway, as I said we just finished watching it. Made me feel a teeny bit old as all I could think of when I saw Ed Norton was “Doesn’t he look young!” but ignoring that it made a rather interesting film. It was both better and worse than I expected it to be as I’d read reviews beforehand and expected it to be a Larry Flynt propaganda film. In a way it was pro-Flynt, but did at least nod towards acknowledging his pure belligerence while defusing its role in precipitating some of his own problems .

Suze commented that Courtney Love’s casting as Althea Flynt could not have been more appropriate and at times she did look uncannily like Althea. The Hitchcock-esque appearance of Flynt in the film raised a smile but I kept thinking it could have all been done a little better. Harrelson is great and play a comic version of Flynt with a slight detachment from reality that may be an explanation for Flynt’s own conduct. Not being an expert on Flynt’s life and behaviour I don’t suppose I can be totally authoritative on that, but then again what’s new. LOL

Ed Norton’s speech to the supreme court is sooooo well performed that despite getting a bit impatient for the film to finish by 1:50 I enjoyed the ending.

One thing that Larry’s Flynt’s life has underlined is that free speech is an inalienable right – though acting like a twat to prove that point makes you more enemies than might otherwise be the case.

I just wish the film had been a little more insightful about the people around Flynt, Althea’s sexuality and the women’s whose naked bodies put Flynt where he is today.