A Necessary Evil

By | September 23, 2007

Yes, the title of this post expresses exactly the way I feel today.  I’ll fill you in.  Today we returned to the garage to take another look at the car we spotted yesterday.  Most of last night was spent milling over the possibility of winning the lottery or having to take out finance forever on a new vehicle.

After deliberating about it until the wee small hours over several glasses of red wine, more than I should have had, we decided to take the plunge.  I need a car which is reliable to be able to get to work and need to go to work to pay for the bloody thing.  Ironic, eh!  Is that a catch 22 situation?  Or something else…anyway…

We got a very good deal, if that is possible in the car sales arena.  The car is not a performance vehicle but will get me from a to b, not very fast but fast enough.  Lol

I should be happy that I am getting a new car having driven an old banger since mine was written off a while back.

But I’m not for two reasons, the first obviously being the financial commitment each month till the end of time.  And the later is the more hard hitting.

Regular readers will recall that we were supposed to be getting hitched this year.  New readers can catch up by reading this post.  We had both been saving a little each month with the intention of having a small civil service and a holiday, which we both need.

The money we had both saved over this year has now been used as a deposit for my car and that is why I am so unhappy, no I’m not…I’m totally pissed off!  It seems that Alex and I are doomed to never tie the knot.  *sigh*