Keeping Warm With Doggy Style Fucks

By | February 2, 2010

The winter has hit the UK really hard this year with temperatures dropping to -16.  It has been recorded as the coldest we’ve had for 25 years.  And I can vouch for that.  lol

It has made things really difficult in the bedroom because the house just isn’t getting warm enough to strip off and fuck.  I’m going to bed in socks for heavens sake!

This makes our favourite position extremely difficult.  You just can’t fuck doggy style and keep the duvet over you both.  We may have to resort to wearing jumpers in bed.

Not very sexy I know but last night we looked just like the couple in this image, freezing our butts off.   Someone ought to come up with a line of  winter bed warmers that you can get down and dirty in.  🙂