My First Multiple Clitoral Orgasm

By | September 26, 2007

I have the most knee trembling orgasms when I cum on my clit.  They are much more intense than the penetrative kind, which are gripping and pleasurable.  It must be due to the nerve ending stimulation which clit masturbation brings about.

Well today because I have no vehicle I was unable to get in to work so what does a naughty girl do?  I took myself off to the bedroom with one of my favourite DVD’s to accompany my afternoon fun.

I turned on the player and placed the DVD in the drive, removed all my clothes and climbed under the sheets.  The DVD started up and I fast forward to the scene with the young blonde taking it up the ass whilst deep throating the other.

I leaned over and withdrew my clit vibe from my drawer.  It’s so handy having it in my bedside drawer, for such an emergency.  😉  Laying back against the bed I ran my fingers between my pussy lips, no need for lube I was more than ready. 

The vibe needed a little lube so I licked the rubber cup ensuring that plenty of saliva went inside.  Shuffling to get more comfortable I opened my legs and placed the cup over my clit, pushing my swollen pussy lips apart for docking on to my eager clit.

With a press of the button my vibe started to vibrate sending electronic ripples through my pink nub and in to my pubic bone.  Setting one was good, then setting two but three had just the intensity I needed.  I moved the cup from side to side massaging my button, keeping contact with my flesh, feeling those vibrations work their way through the tip of my bud, up into my pubis.

I crossed my ankles and pushed my right foot in to the top of my left as my body started to react to the stimulation.  My eyes were fixed on the girl being taken anally whilst the other guy fucked her moth, mascara running down cheeks as she gagged for effect.

My hips began to buck and I tightened my buttocks, as my nerve endings started send small electric impulses around my lower back and pubis.  I moved the vibe faster across my clit, waggling the swollen flesh beneath the cup.  I was now bucking against my hand, almost holding my breath as my orgasm took me over.

“Aghhhh!”, I cried out.  Fortunately there was nobody in next door.  As the orgasm started to subside I thought I would continue to masturbate and see if I could make myself come again.  I’ve never been able to do this, usually my clit is so sensitive after orgasm that it makes it almost impossible to rub it any more.

Today it was different, I decided to try for another.  I relaxed back against the mattress again and began to move the vibe around my clit.  At first it didn’t arouse me and I was about to give in, knowing that I usually get to come once this way.  But I had a gut feeling that this was going to be a good session.

From nowhere another orgasm built and I cried out once more as my orgasm enraptured every fibre of my being.  I didn’t prolong the orgasm, so as to try once more.  I succeeded in coming four times.  This is a first for me and for some strange reason I feel quite proud of myself.  I had come so much that it had run between my butt cheeks and wet the sheet underneath me.  😉

After the final orgasm had subsided I watched the rest of the MFM scene, somehow it is always more enjoyable to watch porn when you have come yourself.  I think I may have been smiling…

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