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By | January 6, 2010

If you don’t unlock your iPhone there’s one thing for sure – when it comes to applications Apple has you by the dangly bits. Because of this and Apple’s inconsistent but self-righteously moralistic policy towards “adult” iPhone apps it’s hardly a surprise that many iPhone users opt out of the safe brightly coloured world of the Apple thought police and have their phones unlocked (is that the right term? I don’t have an iPhone).

It will be interesting to see how the new Nexus One from Google changes things. I don’t for one minute believe that it will make any difference to Apple. In fact if some of the rumours that I’ve heard about Google’s attitude towards adult in the past are to be believed they might even be worse than the Apple crew when it comes to censoring apps and content.

Still, I am tempted to at least have a look at a Nexus One and see what it can offer. Could it be the centre of the porn universe? I’m quite into mobile device software development at the moment soooo … boys and their toys.