The Final Finger Fuck?

By | January 6, 2010

G I’m Coming

It appears like many women have been under the misapprehension that we have a G-spot.  For those who haven’t heard of it, the g-spot is a spongy collection of nerve endings situated a few inches inside a woman’s vagina on the frontal wall.

Stimulation of this raised area can give heightened orgasms and in my case if manipulated correctly can result in me ejaculating or “squirting” as it is more popularly known.

A whole range of vibrators have been created by various manufacturers to stimulate and arouse the g-spot and many I have tested do push all the right buttons for me.

I’ve also discovered there appears to be a link between my clitoris and my G-spot.  If I stimulate my clitoris and orgasm, my g-spot becomes more sensitive and heightened to stimulation from penetration.

It has taken me years to know my body as well as I do now and I’m sure I wouldn’t have reached this level of understanding without my partner Alex who has supported me in my sexual adventures and my testing and reviewing of adult products.  And for both I am very grateful because my sex life would certainly not have been as enriched without either.

As you can imagine my G-spot is very important to me as both a toy tester and within my relationship so I was quite shocked to read the other day that scientists aredoubting that the g-spot exists.

If this is the case, what exactly have I been stimulating all these years that pleasures me so much?  I know it isn’t in my head and I don’t feel that I need to conform to public opinion, knowing my body and what switches to press has taken me a lifetime to discover.

Go and check out this report and see what you think, I know it’s not all in my head.