I Love Children But I Couldn’t Eat A Whole One

By | October 16, 2006

Did you guess?  We had little nephew over to stay at the weekend.  Finally got him off to bed at 9:30pm on Friday night after playing hallway football, chase me up and down the stairs, try to figure out which cupboard or draw I’ll be opening next and the wonderful game of, lets turn on the lamps.  On, off, on, off.  😀

He is a real bundle of fun but the downside to him being so inquisitive and his boundless energy level is that we are completely fucked by the time he goes to bed.  And I don’t mean orgasmically fucked either.

We bathed him gave him his warm milk, changed his nappy and put him to bed.  Afterwards we came downstairs and flopped on the sofa to watch some TV and try to regain some energy.  After a few glasses of wine we decided that as he was quiet we would go to bed too.  So with glasses and bottle in hand we headed off to the bedroom.

Several glasses later we must have drifted off to sleep for the next thing we both knew, little nephew was shouting from his room.  He has got to the vocally expressive stage, he can say a few words of necessity like no (his favourite) and yes which is used with caution.  Lol  He was shouting something which neither of us good identify, maybe he was swearing in toddler speak I don’t know.

After changing him and giving him a drink, the plan was to put him in his cot and let him have a sleep.  He seemed quite lively so we tried putting him between us in bed hoping he would settle and fall asleep.  Well he wriggled and squirmed and kept kicking me in the back but me persisted in the vain hope that he would nod off and we could have an early morning shag.

Thirty minutes later…he was still awake and making his bid for freedom by climbing over me and dangling his feet over the edge holding on to the bedding until he slid slowly to the floor.  In the meantime pulling the covers with him and off of Alex.  😀

Despite our desperate attempts to get him off he wasn’t having any of it.  We got up, turned on our computers and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.  Following breakfast we both logged on to our pc’s to catch up on our email.  Little nephew was contentedly playing with his building blocks in his room.

I was just about to start replying to one of our readers when little nephew came up to my chair waving a Tampax compak at me.  He had a big smile on his face and the look of expectancy.  I grabbed a hold of it and took it away whilst Alex overcame his laughter and sat little nephew on his lap.

I think he believed he had found a sweetie in Auntie Suze’s drawer as he kept saying chocolate in his cute little I can’t quite say it properly voice.  Lol  Tampax ran an advertising campaign months ago here in the UK which pointed out that Tampax Compak were so discreet you would think they were something else, insinuating that they could be easily perceived as a chocolate.

Who said advertising campaigns are unbelievable?