Masturbation Addiction

By | January 8, 2010

I’m usually an avid follower of Big Brother in all its forms but this year I haven’t seen much of the footage, I’ve not really been that bothered about watching.  Over the last few years the show has encouraged the worst of people to become part of the pantomime and it has become a stale showcase for people with “too much personality”.  Lol

Currently we have the celebrity version running which normally runs before the general public’s show.  And because there is nobody in there I have the remotest interest in I haven’t seen any coverage after the initial celeb’s entry.

But I just read I may have been missing something, apparently a 25 year old Swedish guy called Basshunter (who?) has openly discussed the fact that he used to be hooked on masturbating and once did it 25 times in a day.  Ouch!

This paints a whole new picture…I may have to tune in.  😉