Wet Black Swimsuit And Those Gorgeous Breasts …

By | January 8, 2010

“Open your eyes” she said.

I opened then, looking up from my prone position on the bed. She was wearing it, the black one piece swimsuit I love so much. With the green zip and green piping that accentuates her figure so well.

Her nipples were already prominent, she knew I would enjoy seeing her in it. She knew what it would do to me. I stood up and slipped my arms around her. My naked body pressed against hers, clad in black Lycra. I could feel her breasts and she could feel my cock, heavy and blood-filled, not yet hard, rolling against her leg.

I slipped my tongue into her mouth and explored for a while as my cock got harder. Her hand grasped it and toyed with its now rigid length.

I led her into the bathroom. She stepped into the shower and braced herself.

I took down the showerhead and hit the cold button. I adjusted the water to a harsh jet and began to spray her with it. The warmth of the summer air was soon dispelled by the incessant cold stream. She pulled her legs together as I sprayed every inch of her legs, then her pussy. She was shivering now as the water pressure probed her crotch, playing on her labia.

Her arms were folded under her breasts, each hand clutching the opposite elbow. When the water hit them it sprayed back at me. I adjusted my position and worked my way up to her breasts. She was now drenched, only the top of her head was untouched by the water. Her hair clung to her shoulders in dark ringlets.

Her teeth were chattering. I turned off the shower and held out my hand. She took it and let me lead her out of the shower. I towelled her down, patting her dry, leaving her in her damp swimsuit, relishing the way it clung to her form, emphasising her every curve, taught over her breasts and erect nipples.

I slowly unzipped the swimsuit, the weight of her breasts pushing the garment open as the zipper descended between them. I peeled it from her shoulders and with some difficulty over her hips. The material rolled and clung to itself, but after a little struggle it lay on the tiled floor in its own little puddle.

I patted her again with the towel. Her teeth were clenched, arms wrapped around herself. I led her to the bedroom and laid her down. The duvet covered her and I slipped in beside her. We spooned until she began to regain some heat. I slid my hand down her cool skin and parted her legs from behind. I caught a whiff of her scent. She was ready for me, and I for her.

I adjusted my position and slid my cock past her cold labia and into her hot, welcoming pussy. She ground back into me for warmth and because she wanted me deep within her. Wrapped in the Duvet we jostled and writhed. My cock slid in and out, her buttocks pressed into my groin and she transformed from a frozen, quivering submissive to a wanton sweating partner in a frenzied grinding fuck.

“Aah!, Aahhhhhh!” Told me she’d cum. I grasped at her breasts and rolled my hips pushing as deep within her as I could until I followed suit, hot, moist and satisfied.