Test Driving The Private Ultra Realistic Vibrating Dick by Doc Johnson

By | October 1, 2007

I took a look at the vibrating dick and I must admit began to think twice about being able to accommodate its girth. Just one moment and I’ll measure if for you…

…I’m back.  The circumference of this big boy is 6.5″ just below the head and 6.25″ at its base.  Bloody hell, I need to go on to a training program for this one.  😉

The things we get online! Every package is packed with fun, but this last delivery was bulging 😛

Alex was taking a bath and I decided being a practical girl that the corner of the bath would be a good place to attach my new friend.  So if any lube ran down the shaft it would run onto the wipeable surface of the bath.  This also gave Alex a good vantage point to watch me fuck myself right there in front of him.  😉

Never let it be said that I’m an exhibitionist or anything like that.  Lol  Alex reclined back in the bath and I stuck the realistic dick on to the side of the bath.  I had forgotten the lube so disappeared momentarily to retrieve it from the case under the bed.

Alex was relaxing in the warm suds and I could just make out his hand gripping his cock under the water as the suds moved around on the surface of the water.  He is such a bad boy.

I drizzled the tip of the cock with lube and ran my finger lightly around the head to disperse the lubricant.  I knew I was going to need it.  I removed my cherry red panties and bra, it was warm in the bathroom and I didn’t need any clothing, I knew I would soon be building up steam.

Legs parted wide and barefooted for grip I lowered my pussy over the erect phallus.  The lube was cold, I should have warmed it but I persisted.  Never one to give up.  The head was broad and I knew that I had to be fully lubed to take it.  I moved my pussy slowly around the head until some of the lube transferred on to my pussy lips.

I descended on to the erection and as I did so my lips were stretched to accommodate it’s width.  It felt good to be stretched so much, I know that sounds strange but it felt satisfying.  I knew it was in there and as I lowered myself inch by inch over it I could feel the veins, ridges and topography.  This is something rarely felt with other dildos and vibes, the attention to detail pays dividends in the feedback you get.

Alex watched as I lowered myself on to the cock and I looked over my shoulder to see him masturbating under the water.  I had been so absorbed that I hadn’t noticed the slow sloshing of the water as he broke it’s tension on the up stroke.

I bottomed out on the realistic ball base and I knew I was up to capacity as the tip bounced off my cervix.  But all the time I felt full and it was a very pleasant feeling.  My inner walls were being rubbed and stimulated with each up and down movement I was making.  Let me just say this is a great one for improving the tone of the inner thighs and getting off at the same time.  😉

The control for the vibe was lying on top of the bath beside me, I picked it up and began to turn the dial.  The vibrations were magnified by the grip I now had on this wonderful toy.  I turned up the dial and felt the building ripples of ecstasy become waves crashing on the shore.

My eyes were now closed to shut out visual distraction and maximise the effect. I began to move upwards to the point where the base of the head was just locked inside my pussy.  This really felt good as my nerve endings and opening enjoyed the powerful surge of internal vibrator.

A few more moves up and down and an increase in the speed and I was nearly there, I must have been groaning like a whore but it escaped me under the circumstances.  😉  I became aware of Alex shouting out “Fuck, Suze I’m cumming!”  This spurred me on and enhanced the moment as my pussy walls began to tingle and pulsate.  I carried on rubbing the head of the cock with my opening, bouncing fast and shallow over the tip.

My legs were just about to give up as I came with a loud “Aghhh!”  I couldn’t squat any longer as my muscles gave in and I collapsed on to the cock, taking the whole of its length inside my cunt.  I sat for a moment on the edge of the bath regaining my composure.

Now I need to try it out mounted on the bathroom wall.  😉

As you can tell I found the toy hugely enjoyable. It occurred to me however that it would be nice if they enhanced this by putting a bullet in the “scrotum”. But that’s just me being a greedy girl, the toy gives me more than I ever imagined a vibrator/dildo could and still I want more. Using the Doc Johnson Ultra Realistic Vibrating Dick (what a mouthful :O ) has made me hornier than I thought.