Fast, Frantic And Full Of Fantasy, And We’re Fucked

By | January 8, 2010

Warning: This post may contain plot spoilers for the film Avatar.

Well, as mentioned earlier we went to see Avatar this afternoon.


It’s not the most sophisticated of movies when it comes to plot but the script does hold together throughout the film and the acting is perfectly adequate. Of course it’s the special effects and 3D format which make the spectacular alien world and the creatures that inhabit it come to life.

The 2 and a half hours or so of film just flew by and left us feeling that the £20+ that it cost us to see it was money pretty well spent. There has been some criticism of the film for its environmental message, some people saying it was heavy handed, others that it didn’t get it across as it could. Bollocks to both of those viewpoints. This is a fairy tale with a happy ending.

I mean, who would believe that a rich and technologically advanced people or organisation would effectively invade an unspoilt but resource rich region and take what they want by force. I mean it’s preposterous. Who would, by fair means or foul, ignore the feelings, rights and lives of the indigenous population and be prepared to kill in order to exert their control and take what they want. Nobody would want to destroy a complex and irreplaceable ecosystem just for profit …

You see what I mean just a fairy tale, imagine the mess we’d be in if big business was able to wield that sort of power coupled with military might. The world would be fucked – yes?

However after all that what was Suze’s first comment when we left the theatre? “Sam Worthington looked really scrummy in that.” – Always look on the bright side of life …