I’m In The Mood For …

By | October 3, 2007

Tonight I was in the mood to watch some lesbian amateur porn clips, so I visited some of the video sites I was recommended a few weeks ago when I was in to my titty fucking phase.  😉  Normally when I visit these porn clips sites I select amateur or extreme or both.  You know me, not shy and wants to see everything!

I wanted to see enthusiastic young ladies getting it on with each other and if I could find a strap-on fucking session then I would be in seventh heaven.  So I brought up my browser and selected my bookmarked sites. 

So visualise me sat at my computer, wearing just a thin strappy cherry coloured slip no underwear, no footwear, sat next to Alex at the desk browsing.  Cat on window sill sleeping but wanting to be part of what was going on.

I found my first clip on amateur girls making out and clicked to play.  I considered it an added bit of titillation that this video was from my own country, perhaps the feeling that these hot girls may just be accessible.  😉

The video started playing and immediately my eyes were drawn to the faux Stetsons in pink and white, then the porch they were on, followed by the fauna.  It was now becoming very apparent that these girls were neither British or in the UK.  I clicked out of the video feeling slightly cheated and as I browsed the remaining videos available on that page I noticed that most purported to be from the UK but featured both American ladies and settings.

It rather put me off as all I wanted to view were amateur scenes and all appeared to be professionally created and false.  Why is it that lesbian clips are either A created for the male viewer and involve a male or B are fake and the girl orgasms on one finger!  Surely there are some genuine lesbian girls out there!  Please say yes…

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