Bohemian Rhapsody

By | June 29, 2005

After Suzanne had a little fiddle with me early in the evening yesterday I wasn’t expecting any more unusual action. Not that I wasn’t expecting any more action, it’s a given that on any particular evening we’ll be involved in some form of sexual activity. We had a very sensual screw later …

We sat outside until quite late enjoying the cooling air, a respite from the oily, clinging humidity of the past few days. Our patio is sunken into the hillside behind our house and combined with the layout of the surrounding houses and mature planting in our garden we are, visually, totally private from the neighbours. While getting slowly cooler the air was still heavy with the promise of a storm. We sat and watched the sky darken and looked forward to the display. To pass the time we did what we always tend to do in these situations, play with each other, in this case through our light clothing.

I soon had a promising bulge and Suze a couple of nipples you could hang cups from. We began to kiss, deep and long. Several minutes into the snog with my hand inside her shorts massaging the silky, soaking went pussy I found down there the first flash of lightning coruscated across the sky. We broke off to watch as the clouds were lit from within by regular flashes of sheet lightening.

We stood up and moved away from the house to the retaining wall at the edge of the patio to get a better view. The lightening began to strike the ground all around us, a strike every couple of minutes, some blue-white, others appearing orange. We listened for the accompanying roll of thunder, holding each other and getting very turned on by the raw power of the storm. Standing in the half-light I kissed Suze hard and explored her back, her neck, her breasts and her pussy with my hands.

Her expert fingers stroked me in return and increased my excitement to the point where I was grinding so hard against her that she almost fell backwards against the wall. She pushed me away slightly to remove her shorts, which she threw onto one of the garden chairs. I took advantage of her exposed pussy and rubbed her clitoris as the rain began to fall.

Suze tugged at my polo shirt, eventually forcing me to stop the stimulation of her clit while she removed it. Then she undid my shorts. I stepped out of them and kicked them across the patio, I’ve tripped over discarded clothing in the height of passion before, it’s very off putting.

Huge warm raindrops splattered across my back as I gently but firmly pushed Suze to the retaining wall and lifted her slightly so her bum rested on it with her tiptoes just on the floor. Her t-shirt was getting soaked and sticking to her glorious boobs with hard, sensitive nipples. She grabbed a boob in each hand and massaged them, tweaking each nipple occasionally.

I parted her pussy lips with my now raging erection, making her gasp. Each flash of lightening illuminated a shamelessly sexual vignette. Suze pleasuring herself through her wet t-shirt, me naked, glistening with rainwater driving into her.

Normally when we make love outdoors we have to stifle our cries to avoid detection, but with the noise of the rain hammering down and the crashing thunder we let rip, giving voice to our passion. The storm around us made our senses alive and amplified our lust. We were both thoroughly excited and frantic, Suze cumming I don’t know how many times and me managing to hold on, just at the point of orgasm for longer than I thought possible in such an aroused state. At the final climax Suze gave out a loud “Aaaaaaaah yes!”, while I grunted as I came, thrusting hard inside her.

Almost immediately after we finished I looked at Suze and said, “It’s bloody freezing out here now”. Our passion had insulated us against the cold air that the storm proper had brought. We rushed inside and spent a long time towelling each other down.