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By | January 10, 2010

I get a lot of press releases through from various companies around the globe about their “amazing” new products and services but I rarely choose to post one on I use A-rouse. To publish some but even then only the ones that I think are truly useful to the online adult community.

The reason I’m posting up the one below is that it’s from a company that while totally commercial in its structure (I mean despite what a lot of people think providing services like TV and dating sites on the Internet does cost money) it has a genuine benefit to the gay community. There are far too many hetero sites and not enough quality gay sites.

You can find their sites here you’ll find the radio and TV station links across the top of the site.

And this is what it’s all about:

“Social Network Launches TV and Radio”

Boyzone is one of the fastest growing social networks for gay and bisexual men launched its free to air Television and Radio station this month giving members yet another reason to join the site., launched in September 2009, now has in excess of 10,000 users from across the World, making it one of the ONLY free social network sites aimed specifically at gay and bisexual men.

In association with TVPolari, the leading gay broadcasting platform, wanted to bring a fresh approach to the rather ‘old hat’ idea that gay sites should be pay sites.  The Radio and TV station has been launched to attract advertisers that wish to target gay and bisexual men and already the company is in talks with several well known brands.

“We wanted to offer a 100% free site to all our users and bring them some great additional services.” said Danny Lee, founder and Director of  “With members from over 140 Countries, and growing faster than we could ever have predicted, we are very proud of what we have achieved so far”.

A major breakthrough for TheBoyZone Radio and TV is that it is available via the new set top box straight onto a conventional Television in the same way as Freeview.  “We have the potential to be in half a million homes within the next 12 months which is great for our advertisers” said Danny Lee.”