It’s Not All Soft Focused And Sensual

By | October 5, 2007

I have been watching the latest series to hit the screens from ITV2, Belle De Jour and I must say that I am amazed at the portrayal of this woman and her life in the sex industry.  It has fired me to speak out after watching two cringe worthy episodes filmed through soft focused lenses with no hard edges.

The reality of this kind of lifestyle is far from the one portrayed in this glam sexpose.  The truth of it all is that usually there are no romanticed scenes and beautiful people who we would all love to slip between the sheets with.

There is the hard reality of having a pimp creaming your money and the worry of being beaten up at least, contracting aids or another STD, or maybe ending up in a ditch somewhere.  The hard facts about this industry are glossed over.  The call girl doesn’t usually do this because she love it but because she needs to put food in to her mouth or even their mouths if she has offspring.

Many drink or pop pills before they even go out to “work” because they hate their lives and the prospect of being mauled by yet another client.  Yet Belle seems to relish and embrace the whole thing.

Where is the pimp banging on her door checking if she has fulfilled her quota of clients?  Who is taking the bookings or are they just magically appearing on her doorstep?  Does nobody insist on checking if she has been tested for HIV?  Her clients all appear to be well heeled but they aren’t stupid.

This week there has been a slight hint that she may be known to be a hooker by her father, sister maybe but wouldn’t you know if your daughter was a working girl and the local.  The chances of someone you know catching up with you or a client calling out to you when you are out and about are so likely.

I keep waiting for this series to “wake up and smell the coffee” but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.  My attitude may come across as being sceptical and yes it is but with good reason.  I had a long term friend who’s cousin was a prostitute and the reality of her chosen profession was so far from the portrayal we are given here.

She was beaten by her pimp and made to carry out some very gross acts which repulsed her and I believe made her hate herself eventually, as her self esteem dwindled with each trick.  Her life was one of pain and misery and constant beating by her “caring” pimp, who eventually got her pregnant.

The girl went through with the pregnancy and her mother supported her all the way through despite knowing that her daughter was a hooker.  That is true love.  She even cared for the child when her daughter was imprisoned for prostitution or burglary (yes some girls do have a habit, it helps them get through the day).

Some years ago the child asked who her father was and nobody would give her an answer…

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