Boob Bag For Tits With Attitude

By | January 11, 2010

How many times have you wanted to be able to go out without a handbag to tote round particularly in Summer.  I usually try to wear something with big pockets so I can store my credit card and keys without having to hold them.

Although these days it seems to be fashionable to walk around clutching your phone, that is if you haven’t got it glued to the side of your face.

Well the clever guys over at Mazantri Creations have come up with just the thing, the Cleavage Caddy.  It’s a bra with two pockets sewn in to the front for storage.  Lol

The one problem I do see with wearing this is that your boobs may take on some rather strange forms and you may get some strange looks when you are out shopping and constantly firtling with your boobs.  🙂