Let Me Be Your Sexbot

By | January 13, 2010

I knew there was a reason I wanted to visit the AVN show in Las Vegas.  Lol  It has been the venue for showcasing the lovely lady above, who is described as being the first sexbot.

It was only a question of time I suppose before someone melded a sexdoll with artificial intelligence to create a love doll which can interact with you, although only at a basic level.

The lady in the image above is Roxxxy, the creation of Douglas Hines from CreativeCompanion.  There are 5 dolls in the range with different personalities, they include, Frigid Farah, Mature Martha and S&M Susan (who sounds good to me 😉 ).

These dolls carry a price tag ranging between £4,350 and £5,993 but for that you can also select her ethinicity, hair colour and boob size.

And girls before you get jealous, they are planning on releasing a male doll known as Rocky!

You can check out their site here www.truecompanion.com