My First Anal With Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Lube

By | October 7, 2007

Tonight seemed like a good time to try out our new lube Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Lubricant .  This 4fl oz bottle is infused with lots of tiny little balls of vitamin E which burst on contact.  Couldn’t be better a moisturising fuck!

I was a little dry I believe because we didn’t drink much fluid yesterday whilst roaming around the adult show.  I think I only went for a pee a couple of times, it’s amazing how so much networking and walking can suck you dry.  😉

I decided to try it on Alex first.  As we lay naked on the bed I took hold of his semi erect cock in my left hand and dropped a generous blob of lube on to his helmet.  Then I pulled up the foreskin spreading the lube around his cock head under his flesh sheath.

Of course he didn’t object and placed his arms under his head as he angled his groin towards me, eyes shut, enhancing the sensation the movement of my hand was making.  I began to pull back the foreskin, watching as the lube coated his glans, making it shine.

I love to watch the reaction his body has to things I do to it…especially his cock.  The alchemy involved in making a flacid penis grow and grow.  I’m still like a child with a new toy when it comes to watching Alex become hard under my touch.

With a few strokes and groans he was soon hard in my hands, the lube smoothing my stroke.  He opened his eyes and rose to his knees.  I thought he was going to take me there and then but he pushed me back in to the bed and grabbed my breasts, one in each hand forming a deep valley on my chest.  He straddled me and guided his cock between my plump fleshy valley.

“Wait!”, I exclaimed reaching for the lube.  I drizzled a few drops between my tits and then pushed them together, rubbing them gently against each other to lubricate them.  “Suze, you dirty bitch!”, Alex said egging me on.  As he placed his hard cock in there I noticed a drop or pre cum oozing from his opening.  He was more than ready for this but so was I.

He pushed between my clenched tits and I watched as the head popped out from between them, glistening and flushed with blood.  He pulled his hips back and his cock disappeared between my soft mounds.  I adjusted my grip on my boobs and pushed them back together again.  My nipples now stood as hard as bullets and as I repositioned my grip, clasping them between my fingers.

My nipples become very sensitised when I am horny and I really did feel very dirty, no, very, very dirty.  Girls do you know the kind of dirty I mean?  The one where you want to do something bad and can’t quite think of anything which would satisfy the yearning you have to be a “whore”.  I know that sounds a little cliché but that is exactly how I felt.  So turned on that I was willing to succumb to anything.

“I’m going to have to stop before I come”, Alex said as he withdrew his throbbing tool from between my breasts.  I was now pulsing with excitement below, my pussy and clit swollen from the visual and tactile stimulation of watching Alex wank between my melons.

I assumed the position, on all fours head facing the headboard.  He knew what I wanted.  Moments later he was penetrating my cunt.  I make no apologies for my choice of wording, I still feel dirty now.  😉  He pushed down to ball level and then slowly withdrew his cock until he was almost out of me and then he slammed back in there.

The vibrations travelled through my hips as he clashed against me and I steadied myself so that I didn’t collapse on to the bed.  My boobs oscillated below me in perfect rhythm with his penetration.  This felt good, it was what I wanted.  “Grab my ponytail and pull it”, I remember shouting to him.  His hand grasped my hair and he continued to grind in to me.  I felt uncontrollably wild, nothing was against the rules.

Alex withdrew his cock and spread some more lube over his cock then I felt the cool sensation as he pushed back in to me.  I lowered myself to the bed so that my shoulders were now taking my weight and reached my right hand round to my buttocks.  They were spread and I felt my way to my anus.  Down the valley between my open ass cheeks.

I moved my finger tips over my puckered skin towards my opening and was pleasantly surprised that I was slightly open.  That cock was now moving in and out of me hard and fast and my anus was pouting.  I pushed my middle finger inside my ass and it slipped in with ease.  I pulled it out and took hold of the lube laying on the bed beside me.

With a gentle squeeze I felt a cold drip on my asshole.  I used my middle finger to run it around my sphincter and then pushed it deep inside.  It felt good so I pulled out and placed my index finger alongside it and pushed gently into my anus.

Alex was still fucking my pussy and I could feel him moving in and out of me through my colon walls.  It felt strange but good if you know what I mean and I was feeling horny as hell.  I withdrew my fingers and smeared my ass with the lube.

At that moment Alex withdrew from my vagina and began to run his erection up the valley of my ass, gently massaging my anus with the tip of his cock.  Again, I felt the cold sensation of lube hitting my anal sphincter and then a gentle push against it as he entered me.  At this point in the past I have tensed up, almost unconsciously resisting penetration but this time it was different, I wanted to be taken.

I am an anal virgin, apart from the odd finger entry I have never received a cock up there.  But this felt good and not at all painful.  He asked me if I was comfortable with him entering me.  I guessed from the feedback I was getting that he managed to get just the head in there.

It didn’t feel uncomfortable so I reached behind me and guided his cock back inside me.  Don’t ask me why tonight was different from any other night but I just wanted him to fuck me up the ass.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to receive a good hard fucking, not yet, I would have to be patient.  But that is how horny I felt.

The next attempt at entering me resulted in him pushing though both sphincters and although it felt strange it didn’t feel discomforting.  Again he asked if I was OK with it and I agreed it was fine but to be gentle.  He began to gently move in and out of my ass.  After about 4 thrusts I asked him to withdraw, I wanted to be careful and take my time.  At that time I was OK and my muscles were relaxed and ready to receive him but I didn’t want to go too far on the first time.

I can’t quite describe the feelings I got, I suppose they could be best described as cautious enjoyment and awareness that there was something inside my ass.  `I’m sure with practice and a gentle and understanding partner I can achieve enjoyable, safe anal sex.

Alex wiped his cock off and pushed it inside my very wet and eager pussy and fucked me so hard that I thought he was going to shatter my hip bones.  This encounter obviously excited us both.

It wasn’t until I read the lube information that I noticed it claims to be an aphrodisiac lube, hmmm there may just be something in that.  That would explain why I wanted to be fucked from every angle even upside down   😉