Italian Prostitutes Or Nuns You Take Your Pick

By | January 13, 2010

You’d expect to see women dressed as nuns in Italy. Especially in Rome. However this story from last year that I only just found on the Internet would suggest otherwise.

I can understand that the people of Italy don’t want to see their picturesque and historic piazzas full of short-skirted girls bending over to peer through car windows. It’s not the sort of thing that say, tourists with young families would appreciate, especially during daylight hours.

It would however be quite confusing for punters if they couldn’t differentiate between a prostitute offering sexual services and the “Sisters Of Our Lady Of The Wossaname” just out for an afternoon constitutional.

What I haven’t been able to find out is what came of this story after it was first reported last year. Anyone got a clue?

In the meantime I would like to point out that the image depicts a lady who is neither a nun or a prostitute, she’s a model. Glad that’s cleared up, habits can be so confusing these days.