Her First Anal

By | October 9, 2007

Suze wrote here about her first anal experience. It was a bit of a revelation for me as it was my first time too, as giver that is. I suppose we’ve been skirting around doing it for some time, a little rimming, the occasional finger, but taking the plunge and finally doing it was a big step.

It’s like another door has been opened, just a crack. We’re not talking about full-on hardcore anal penetration here. We were both relaxed and horny. Suze was very turned on by the general good feeling and relaxed atmosphere generated by a long weekend and a productive visit to the Adults Only Show in preparation for the launch of A-rouse.com. Everything was right, no pressure, good vibrations all round.

Suze has said before, before, during and after sex that she wanted me to fuck her ass. She genuinely does feel like that from time to time. However for a number reasons we’ve never actually done it.

Initially it was because she’d never had anything up there. To try and penetrate her would have been plain stupid, uncomfortable, painful and a huge turn-off for her. Yes she wanted it, because as she wrote the other day, she sometimes just feels bloody filthy and wants to push the boundaries.

We started by each of us, at different times, rubbing a moist finger around her entrance. A sensation that we can both enjoy, as giver and receiver. We tried a little rimming and that has its own unique attractions and air of thorough naughtiness.

That was followed by the occasional saliva lubricated finger, carefully inserted.

The night of her first anal experience was different. I could feel she wanted to cross that line. Everything was in place, physically, mentally and practically. She lubed herself up and had already slid her fingers inside herself, spreading the lubricant inside her. She was relaxed and receptive.

I just had to laugh. How many crap porn movies have I seen where one or other of the players refers to ass-juice? (there’s me thinking it was the copious amounts of lube porn stars pump up their rectum before a shoot) A vagina lubricates itself for the purposes of intercourse a colon does not. Lube is an essential not an option.

I paused with the tip of my cock pressing against her outer sphincter. I’m not sure how I knew, I think she pushed back onto me slightly, but I knew the first penetration of her ass by my cock wasn’t unwelcome. Four shallow strokes, slow and gentle, well lubed , was all that happened, but in those four strokes we’ve taken another step on our journey.

We’re not fixated on anal. We’ve made love a number of times since then and neither of us has felt the need to lube up and pump away at Suze’s ass like a pile driver. This is a blog about real life, not a porn movie, not a fantasy. We’re in love and lust with each other. We trust each other and are equals, life partners and friends. I’m sure we’ll do it again, when we want to and when we do I know we will enjoy it even more than the first time.

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